Why should i choose Traffsio?

We at Traffsio ensure to maintain our high standard and professionalism. We are the experts in providing the most accurate website traffic at the most affordable prices.


How do I get started?

Select the traffic plan you need and complete the order form, we then take care of set-up and check your content is suitable. You will receive access to your stats reporting area via the email address you supply.


Where does the traffic come from?

Traffsio acquires wholesale pop under and domain redirect traffic from a variety of other networks, we then clean and segment the traffic ready for sale.


How long until traffic starts?

Traffic will begin within 24 hours of placing your order..


Will I be able to keep a track of my traffic order?

When you URL is approved by Traffsio we then send you access to your own industry leading stats reporting page.


How do I target visitors?

There are many options in the order form to tailor the traffic to your needs. If you need assistance just contact support for advice.


Are these real visitors?

All visits we sell are from real human users. You will see a bot visitor counter in you stats dashboard and we credit you with extra traffic for these.


Why are stats different to Google Analytics?

Google Analytics, like all other client-side tracking programs, will not reflect the true traffic sent because there will be natural situations where visitors will choose to close the window before the page fully loads. Google will only be able to record a page view if the page is completely loaded, which is completely at the mercy of the viewer. A better approach is to use a tracking software such as Voluum or Peerclick. You will get more accurate data as these solutions record from click rather than full page load.


Will I get sales?

As with any form of advertising we cannot guarantee that you will get sales, sign-ups or any other conversion action and we do not issue refunds if none are achieved. We are on hand to offer impartial advice on your campaign to improve your chances of getting the user interactions you require.


How can i pause my campaign

Simply email and we will pause your campaign as soon as possible


Can I change URL?

URLs cannot be changed once your campaign is live. Please ensure the web address works before creating your campaign.


Can I get a refund?

If we are unable to deliver the quantity of traffic ordered in a 60 day period from the campaign start date you can claim a refund. If we do not deliver the amount of visitors promised we will refund the difference between amount delivered and amount promised based on the total purchase price. When refunds are requested we reserve the right to investigate and approve or decline requests. Refunds are at the sole discretion of If the your (the clients) site becomes unavailable for any reason you can ask us to pause the traffic and when the issue is resolved the campaign will resume. Any traffic sent during down time will not be refunded.


Whats not allowed?

We accept a wide range of content, including many sites that have a difficult time getting accepted on other ad networks, but we do not accept any websites that promote the following:

Illegal or deceptive content
Hateful content
Cryptocurrency ICOs
Crypto cloud mining
Deceptive or harmful downloads
Tech support offers

We reserve the right to refuse service for any customer. Our partners have strict rules in place, and any ad that violates these rules may be cancelled and refunded. If you're unsure if your website meets our guidelines, please contact us and we will evaluate it for you.


Is the traffic Adsense safe?

Generally there is no issue, but have seen websites penalized for sudden large amounts of traffic to their Google Adsense ads. To avoid issues when using Adsense, we strongly recommend you follow these tips:

Use Google Adsense in moderation
Use it in conjunction with other ad networks on your site
Buy a small amount of Traffsio traffic first then slowly increase over a few months
Keep a consistant flow of visitors to your site

If you still have questions regarding how Traffsio works please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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