Before placing an order via with Push Mobile Media Ltd, it is highly appreciated that you review our terms and conditions. We believe that you have completely agreed to our terms and conditions when placing an order.


After your order has been placed, the advertising rotation starts within 3 days depending upon the volume of our daily traffic. The orders placed during the weekends are not included in it. If you have placed an order on a weekend, it will be delivered on the next business day after the weekend, normally we deliver the order within 24 hours but in case of high volume of traffic it may take maximum 72 hours to be delivered. Due to variation in the ordered traffic amount and time, it may not specify a starting date. We bear no responsibility in case you fail to start your campaign/business on the specified date.


Please note that we take no guarantee to convert the directed traffic into sales.


The moment the first hit is delivered, the order becomes active and it is solely the responsibility of the client to make the visitors their valued customers.


 Before sending us the web link of your website, make sure you have sent the correct web address as all the traffic will be directed to the specified link. In case of errors we will not be accountable. Also, we will not refund or credit the amount in case of the mistake made by the client.


 You get the order delivered to you within 60 days of the initialization of the drive. We guarantee the ordered traffic to your website. We will not be responsible of any incident, may it be direct or indirect, with the usage of the traffic package.


In case we fail to direct the ordered number or visitors or traffic to your website within 60 days, you can ask for the partial refund on proportional basis. Please note that the request for refund is solely dependent on our decision. We will thoroughly investigate the matter before giving you the refund.


Also, we will not be responsible if the web portal/website of the client crashes or the server is down making the website temporary unavailable. If at the time of the deliverance of traffic, the client's website is down, we will not be refunding any fees. It is however, possible to withheld the drive if the client notify us about the error or server problem that has made the website temporary unavailable. After the problem gets solved, the client asks for continuation of the campaign. Note that any traffic delivered before the crashing of the website will not be credited.


In order to ensure accuracy we have installed the best tracking systems which track your traffic and ad drives. Your order will get specific id that you can use to track the number of visitors to your website. Note that if the visitor clicks on your ad but closes for any reason (for example, due to high resolution graphics it takes too long to load or visitor have no interest in the product/services offered by you), it will be counted in our tracking system.  This is to say we have directed the promised traffic to your website and thus has done our work. Please note that such cases may not be reported or noted by the stats shown on your web link.


 When you order our services, you agree that the records shown by our tracking system will be considered as the only official and accepted statistics of the delivered traffic. As stated earlier, it will not be our responsibility if your server or tracking app does not record the traffic we sent when your server or website is down.


Please note that unless it is clearly mentioned in the order description of the package, we do not deliver our services to website with pop-up windows, system generated message windows, or any JavaScript window alerts. Any window generated on the website of the client, other than that has been specified, will count as a pop-up window. Client will not be allowed to use JavaScript to increment the size of the window. Also there should not be any Java programmed apps and music of your websites. It will be considered illegal to use JavaScript as a mean to alter the homepage of people with your website or to automatically add your website to their favorites. Please note that even during the running of the drive, you install a pop-up window to your website, we will immediately with held the campaign and you will not receive any refund for it.


 By accepting our terms and conditions client agrees that the traffic shown on their tracking counters is not the accurate representation of total number of visitors directed to their web pages. Also, the client agrees that generation of sales of subscriptions is not our responsibility and if even after the campaign, the client fails to have a profitable business, we will not refund the fees. The only guarantee that we give is of quality traffic.


 Client understands it fully that terms and conditions are for the specified order. These can be changed or modified after the order has been delivered and completed.


The users are not allowed to sell or transfer any services or part of the services that we offer to them. Any additional advertisement or pop-up window that has not been brought in our knowledge when ordering the package will be considered illegal/inappropriate. Unless notified and allowed by our team, clients can not alter the product/services of the specified web link. Any changes made, with or without intention to sabotage our services will not be accepted and we will immediately remove your account without giving you any refund.


 In case there is a disparity or conflict of decision upon the number of visitors directed to the websites, the report made by our management will be considered as the final and accurate report.


 Our Customer Service team is available 24/7 to assist you on any matter related to our services. Client has the option to contact us via email. Note that it is not always possible to reply immediately but we try to answer your queries within 24 hours via email.


 For the purpose of marketing, we may use the names of our clients. But we will always notify and take their approval if we plan to use their names for our marketing campaigns.


 We are strictly against spam mailing, promotion of hatred, pornography, unethical hacking or any kind of illegal/unethical practices. Any such activity or the intention to deviate from the specified guidelines will result in cancelation of the account and client will not be entitled for any refund.


General traffic will not be directed to websites that offer products/services considered inappropriate for public at large. For adult traffic we have different packages. Any products and services which promote hate, illegal activities and pornography are considered inappropriate. Note that our team will decide which products and services they find illegal.


 Note that before the initialization of the drive we will thoroughly review your website. If after the beginning of the campaign, you modify the products and services of your business we will immediately cease your order and you will not be entitled for any proportion of the refund.


 For incidents that are uncontrollable, as for example the problem with your server or the limit of the bandwidth or any kind of internal errors that crash the server, we will not bear any responsibility. Before ordering, make sure you contact your service provider or network agent to know whether your account will support the package you will order.


If there is any aspect of the agreement which is not appropriate or in disagreement with any law enforcing agency then that part of the agreement will need amendments to render it acceptable while the rest of the clauses will remain enforceable.


 The intervention of any third party or ad company will not be accepted. The clause even includes and any such advertisement websites. The clients will be notified in case of any hindrance caused by any problem.


All web links which offer adult products and services, including online dating websites will have to order the adult traffic package.


Kindly note that: you will be provided the specific ordered traffic on your website. Our system recorded statistics will be considered accurate and final in case of any conflict. We will not be held liable if your stats does not show the exact number of visitors directed to your website. As already stated, we deliver redirected traffic to your web portals and thus it is not always possible for your systems to correctly count the number of visitors on your website. Any product or service, offered by our clients is its articles or products, are not our responsibility. We are solely responsible for the redirection of the quality traffic to their websites.


Although we make sure to deliver to you the country based traffic, if that is what you have ordered, but it is not always possible to fully guarantee just the visitors from that particular country. The reason for this is that ISPs use dynamic IP addresses. Thus by ordering our packages, you agree to not hold us responsible if the traffic generated is not 100% from the specific country. Our huge IP database collects data of the visitors from different countries which we utilize for country based traffic packages.


 By ordering our services, it is believed and understood that the clients have read whole of the agreement and have full understanding of all the clauses and terms and conditions of the agreement.


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